Manifesto and Crochet Final Project

I love FASHION. It is always going to be apart of me whether its design, merchandising, or even styling. Designing is what I really want to do and I will achieve that goal.  Fashion changes so much I must keep up with the cycles. When something new is out I must have it. Fashion is apart of my life…

This project in particular was a challenge for me. Crocheting was easier than knitting; however, I tried both techniques and I was definitely more comfortable with crocheting. Crocheting resembles twists and chains, which is similar to braiding. The colors I chose was random and the pattern was inspired by quilting and checkers. I wanted to manipulate them both and create a dress. The pattern consisted of 12 9×9 inch squares, that used approximately 1 1/2 crochet chains per inch. My pattern is for a size 8; consequently, since yarn stretches, the garment is larger than expected.

The process was fairly simple. I worked approximately 2-3 hours daily to complete the task. The biggest challenge was connecting each square. It took a while t figure it out.


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