Fashion & Photography Collaborative Project Proposal

For this collaborative project, we have decided to incorporate photography and fashion as a whole. In the spirit of true innovative and fearless creation, we want to explore new artistic techniques and mediums. Experimenting with photographic black and white prints and 35millimeter film negatives. The garment were going to design is solely going to be out of these photo supplies. this project is to discover new possibilities by creating something that pushes the boundaries of art.

This garment is going to encompass actual black and white prints sewn into a vintage style corset with boning. Tool will be used to create a tutu that will have 35 millimeter film sewn into it giving an abstract feel. what inspired us was how fashion has shifted towards creating garments made out of newspaper, brown shopping bag and tearing up newspaper, transforming it into thread and subsequently showing how we can sew, knits and crochet. We are going to approach our garment with this techniques, but only using photography paper and film negatives. this project is the quintessential example of a collaborative effort between two stylish sub-cultures, art and fashion.


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