Film Dress

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For this collaborative, we decided to incorporate photography and fashion as a whole. In the spirit of true innovative and fearless creation, we want to explore new artistic techniques and mediums. Experimenting with black and white 35millimeter film negatives. The garment were going to design is solely going to be out of these photo supplies. This project is to discover new possibilities by creating something that pushes the boundaries of art. This project is the quintessential example of a collaborative effort between two stylish sub-cultures, art and fashion.
Our first idea was to create a garment out of printed photos. The garment was going to encompass actual black and white prints sewn into a vintage style corset with boning. Tool was going to be used to create a tutu that will have 35millimeter film sewn into it giving an abstract feel. The primary tools that we were going to use were photographic paper and film negatives.

This project changed a lot from our first idea; however, we still found ways to incorporate our original ideas. Instead of designing a dress from photography paper, we used film to make the entire garment. We wove each piece of film to make a basic skirt, in which we made our own design. For the front bodice top, I draped the pattern from the dress form and created a strapless top, that was also created to make an a-symmetrical design. The film was two use separate colors of both sides; It gave the garment texture.

I wanted to incorporate photography materials in this project because it demonstrates what materials are used in the process of photographs. It also show the results you get from developing film. Other materials used to create this project was a woven fabric, Velcro and hooks and eyes. The fabric sewn to the back of the film was to provide a soft touch to the garment and would be comfortable to wear. I cut the fabric the exact size of the pattern pieces. The underlay of the fabric also gave the garment the structure it needed to fit the body. To attach the garment together I used 18 inches of Velcro to attach the strapless top and skirt. The Velcro was a tool used other than glue, tape, and a zipper. Velcro is very sturdy, flexible and easy to keep the pieces closed. When experimenting with glue, it was very difficult to keep the garment attached. It would not stay. Fabric tape was used to weave the film together. It was a really great choice of tape because Scotch double sided tape was visible through the layers of film. If a zipper was sewn into the film it would have put a lot of tension on the garment when zipping and unzipping it causes the film to rip.

Besides a garment, we decided to do hair pieces such as hats. Each piece had film incorporated into it. We used a 50’s hat that had veil on the front. The film was glued to the hat using super glue for fast drying and instant results. The film was manipulated and twisted to give a great design at the top.

What inspired us was how fashion has shifted towards creating garments made out of newspaper, brown shopping bag and tearing up newspaper, transforming it into thread and subsequently showing how we can sew, knits and crochet. The most inspirational aspect for this project was to everything by hand. Hand weaving the garment, allowed us to put a lot of time into the design. When designing garments by hand you appreciate your work more. We obtained a lot of inspiration from different places and from our own personal styles. We looked at music videos, artists, hair dressers, drag queens, and especially the Bauhaus. Artists in particular, Erickatoure, Carrie Underwood, Lady Gaga, etc…

Video and Photos of Inspiration

The collaborative project allowed me to work with another person and seen the different techniques used to produce their work. It was a very good experience to work with someone and is a very different approach that I usually take in working a project. I am use to working alone and completing my work and my own pace. Collaborating allowed the work to be done at a fast pace and work in a timely manner. This experience actually enhanced my performance in designing something we both agreed on. The results were just as I expected and I would not change anything. Some strengths were having a partner and getting their opinion on certain ideas of the project.



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