Robotic Connection

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Through our connected robots, we want to expose the issue of restraint that is imposed on people in the United States. People are taught to believe there is  freedom to do as they please, and live a free life. In reality, all we have is a society full of rules, stuck in a routine, with a robotic way of life. Our idea is to create a set of robots that represent the robotic way of life in the U.S. attached by two arms that symbolize the restraint that limits people from having freedom.


If ROBOTS ruled the world, humans would not even notice. People would ignore their presence and continue on with their daily lives. This project allowed me to work exceptionally well with others. I dreaded wearing this robot outfit at first but after actually going out in the public, I did not feel different. Although it was hot, and my head was covered, it was a good disguise. Walking in a sequence was very difficult and we kept bumping into one another; however we got the hang of it. The main objective I got from this assignment is that it didn’t matter we were connected; we still had to go on with our lives, interact with others and be viewed by the public. There were many reactions from random people about our outfits. Some people wondered what we were, why were we doing this particular assignment, and even know why we weren’t in class. Overall, those few people noticed us and wanted to interact to see what our motive was. There was a lot of positive and negative feedback and we just took it all in and kept doing our assignment. It was an awesome experience and I will definitely do it again.

We designed these robot outfits. It took approximately 2 classes just to draft the patterns. Since each garment consisted of about 18 – 20 pieces, we had to cut multiples of each piece. The tarp was easy to cut; however since it is thick plastic, it was off-grain and difficult to sew. The tarp was so thick it continuously made the sewing needles dull and messed up the stitching on the garments. Attaching the arms was the hardest. Even though it was all squares and rectangles, it was not as easy as it looks to construct.



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