Rebranding: Product Statement and Demographic Report


Eco Interiors is a eco-friendly company located in North Carolina, who provide services in commercial businesses and residential homes. Their intention is to provide a extraordinary client experience and in hopes they enjoy and love the product they are receiving.  The owner of Eco Interiors, Dana Mortensen wants a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for those who wants to support going green and protecting the environment.Their target market consist of home and business owners, companies, etc. From the price range based on their clientele is would be based on middle-class and anyone making over 60,000 yearly. Their clients can be either male or female that has graduated college from the age of 28 and up.  Eco-friendly materials is not cost efficient; however, they do provide a free consultation to all those inquiring about their services.  Some of Eco Interiors projects consisted of salons, workplaces, homes, hospitals, restaurants, etc. The design process is fairly difficult because there is multiple steps that goes into it; however, it depends on what the client is looking for and if they are building a new construction, remodeling or renovating an existing space. the client can choose from an existing layout or get a new custom layout. No matter what the client chooses, outside of the cost from the overall project, there are hourly fees.

LOGO copyRe-Branded: Eco-Interiors

I am going to rebrand this company because I want to promote an eco-friendly and sustainable environment. Going green can really help the environment and helps individuals rethink the materials they use and how it does affect the world. Recycling and using natural materials can create friendly surrounding for individuals whether they are in a their home or business environment. I also want to give Eco Interiors and uplift. I like their current logo but when i see it, it does not give off an eco-friendly vibe. So I decided to create a more earthly tone. The cost would most-likely be the same but at a wider market and people since this is not an extremely popular business. Expanding the business is my number one focus. I would still promote to men and women who are home and business owners because it offers a wide range of diverse people and clientele.


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