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Night Life Fashion

Night Life is mainly focused on people who enjoy entertaining at night and attending clubs. lounges, and bars. Conduct interviews of the people in Fullerton and follow the current fashion trends. Fullerton is a diverse community, with people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The area we will be focusing on is Downtown Fullerton; it has a high population of college students from the ages of 18+ who enjoy dressing up for an evening out with their friends. Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton Community College are close by. We will interact with people and take photographs. The photographs will consists of close ups, full wardrobe, and focus on shoes. Some photographs will also be take inside/outside the club environment so we can see how people interact with one another. The diverse community will allow others to see the difference on how people dress according to their nationality, culture, influences, and fashion inspiration. Since Fullerton club scene is laid back compared to Hollywood, we will also take a glimpse of the differences between the fashion.

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