Lights Out, But We’re Not Stopping

When Kortnee and I (Keykeana) started our project last Saturday, the moment we got out of the car we immediately spotted people enjoying the Fullerton nightlife. At first, people were hesitant at our first approach but as soon as they found out our reasoning for snapping pics, we got numerous of people willing to be apart of our project. We did however have some who did not want to participate; stating that were rushing to dinner reservations or had to be a someplace promptly. Most of the people who did not want to participate were older couples or individuals, which sucked for us because they had amazing style. Who knew the generation before us had such great style coordination! While walking around the streets of Downtown Fullerton, we did experience a black out. It lasted no longer than 20 minutes but it did stop us from taking an amazing photograph of a young Indian woman rocking some gorgeous purple pumps. Later this weekend, Kortnee will be snapping photos of people from Hollywood; where we want to effectively consider the differences between Fullerton fashion and Hollywood fashion, as well as look into the ethnic groups of each city to determine their influences and trends. We want to observe how different these two places see fashion, specifically at night.

la-street-style-diy-bigOC fashion showcase night 1 010edit1



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