Plaid and Stripes

Plaid and stripes are classic and will NEVER go out of style. No matter how you wear it or what color it is, it will be present in fashion. Couple Anthony and Andrea were dressed casual on an evening walk through the streets of Fullerton, enjoying one another’s time. They didn’t have a particular destination but they knew they wanted to get out of the house. On their mini adventure they ran into us and was not to sure about being featured on our blog. But, we’re glad they accepted because they turned out to be a friendly couple with great vibes. Andrea’s wearing brown pants with a red plaid button up top, paired with a black cami underneath. We adored her fringed tan cross-body purse. It definitely added to her look and gave her some edge. She is not a fashionista as she stated but more laid back, and not really into designers. She does enjoy going to thrift stores and finding one of a kind items. Keeping up with the trends is not on her mind, but keeping herself happy is. As for Anthony he has the same style as his girlfriend and loves the skater attire. He loves his basics, and sometimes put on a sweater to compliment the look. The thing they both have in common is their love for VANS. Nothing says love like a couple into the same trends!



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