Julia Ramsey

Julia Ramsey is a knitwear designer and a fiber artist, who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science and received her BS and MS degree in Knitted Textile Design.  She has interned/worked with Kaffe Fasset who is also a hand-knitter in London. She had designed in the cashmere industry for brands such as Neiman Marcus, Holt Renfrew, Todd & Duncan, and Kinross Cashmere. Her experience level is tremendously high and other famous designers appreciate her work.

She is intrigued by texture and dimension whether it is minimal or large in scale. When look at the garments and art that she makes, you can see how the fibers and garments accentuate the body. All of her designs are one of kind custom pieces and made to order.  You see her love for fibers because she executes it through her garments. The level of appreciation for her work is phenomenal due to the use of multiple fibers, raw materials, craftsmanship, and intricate handwork. She definitely knows how to manipulate the fibers and create different mediums of fabrics.

Her collections are very different. She has knitted everything from a Bridal Collection, Venetian collection, Pop Art, and Commercial collections. Previous collections vary and just shows her talent, wide variety of designs and her capabilities of manipulating fibers and creating fabrics and garments. Her ENGAGED collection were all handcrafted and was an installation. Julia states that, “The installation explores modern woman’s ambiguity toward marriage. It was on view between January14-16th 102 at the Vogue Knitting Live. PELT, is one of her newer collections, which is made from raw un-spun sheep wool. The collection shows the interchange between animal and human. She mentioned that each piece is a “Second Skin” and is temporary, and comfort similar to the ability that animals have.



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