Post Photoshoot


The Photo Shoot was not what I expected. I did arrive late because I could not find the location.

When arriving to the shoot, the Photographer was not a professional and he did not know what he was doing. The one and only “professional” model canceled. So we had to little to nothing to work with.

Luckily, I saved the day and brought my two friends, Hale and Lilly to enjoy the experience with me. They fit the clothes and was able to be apart of the photo shoot.

I am a bit disappointed because not all of my garments were photographed due to difficulties with the fitting.  The clothes fit prior to the shoot when I did my fitting with my family and friends.

I am going to reschedule another photo shoot later in the quarter, so I can have better photos for my portfolio.

Photos Taken By Liza Meza

IMG_4823 IMG_4829 IMG_4830 IMG_4831 IMG_4832 IMG_4833 IMG_4834 IMG_4835


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