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Fashion Show

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The fashion show turned out amazing!!! It was more than I expected and I could not have asked for anything more. I appreciate all the work my group members put in to make this happen. Make-up did and exceptional job. My models were phenomenal. Photos taken by me.

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Today is the day of our photo shoot and I’m excited. This is amazing and I can not wait to see my designs come to life. I’m up early and preparing so things will be perfect.

Unfortunately, the model fittings are today. So we will se how this goes…

Late Nights and More Sewing

Been up really late for the past couple of days trying to get everything finished. I draped and cut my fabric at school about a week ago. Instead of sewing at school, I’m in the comfort of my own home. Progress of my romper.

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Better Late Than Never!!!

Throughout my entire time at CSULA, I have only patterned a pair of shorts. I never took the time to actually make them. So this is bit of a challenge. However, it could not be that hard.

Thanks to a few friends and my sewing book, I managed to get through it and they came out great!!!

Process beginning to end. Thanks Liza for cutting out my fabric. You saved me a lot of time.

IMAG0072 IMAG0074 IMAG0075 IMAG0077


Liza helped me cut and sew my muslin for my pant and short.

IMAG0032 IMAG0033


I continued to work on my patterns. I am almost done. Its a bit challenging since I have not sewed, but I’m getting through it. I started to sew my muslin to make sure the patterns work.

As a group we are still deciding on a name for the line.

IMAG0028 IMAG0027

Brand Statement and Concept

Brand Statement

“Going to the Nature”

Our brand is aiming the market for Resort/Cruise wardrobes. The time goes by, the more money people can earn, the more time people spend for vacations. Nowadays, people tend to consider vacation and free time for leisure as a more important thing. People started to look at the quality of life. Therefore, we want to make our brands for people who need to wear more relax but glamorous and sophisticated outfits. It might be female 22-35 age-group that has relatively more deposable money and seeks fashionable resort wears.

Designs are inspired by nature and for people going to enjoy and explore the out doors. There will be some simple silhouettes and some a bit more extreme.

Furthermore, the overall vision of this brand is going forward to the total brand for resort wear. Therefore, we are looking forward to launch the jewelry and accessories line.

Target : Sophisticated 24-35 female ( I can’t decide the ethnicity of target. African Americans are ranked at the fastest growing up group. And Asian Americans had the top rank in terms of the amount of disposable income. Caucasian Americans have been familiar to spend resort and cruise time for a long time. So.. either group is fine. But I prefer to just go with all over the ethnicities. )

Products : Dress, Pants, Romper, Shorts, Necklace and etc

Priceline : $150-$250

This is mood boards of our expecting target.

we expect people who are like the below board to come in our store.

They professionally work in working place. They have sophisticating sense of fashion too.

capture1 capture21

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This is MY moment…

This is MY moment to show what I can do, put my best work out there, and express who I am as a designer. At the moment, there is no time to be playing; however, I must begin to take life seriously. I am at the end of the road with pursuing my goals in college and its time to begin a new path in life. I put all my past behind me. Whether it is good or bad, I know that I can start over. My past will always be with me because it made me who I am today. All of my mistakes, regrets, and other obstacles are in the past and I’m ready to refresh my life and begin my future. I plan to live in the moment and take it one day at a time. Tomorrow is not promised. I can honestly say, no one knows what is in store for them. I can say as long as I stay focused and positive; I can steer in the direction I would like to go and plan ahead. My college experience has been short. I was not in a rush to finish, but the 4 years have went by fast. I knew exactly what I wanted to do prior to coming to CSULA. I stayed focused and throughout all the obstacles and life challenges and experiences, I still managed to get through. I did not quit or give up but instead took all the good and bad situations and made them positive. I knew in the long run all of my hard work would pay off. It was not easy, but no one said it would be. At the end of this experience all I learned so much about myself and what I can accomplish. I just want to be happy, a great mother, designer and overall a great person.

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Calendar for Senior Project

Here is a projected timeline in which my group and I are expected to have things finished. There might be a few changes in the schedule but we are still planning to keep everything on track and remain organized throughout this class.

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I am currently a fashion design student. I have experience with merchandising, graphics, and styling.

At the present moment, I work at Guess, Inc as a sales associate.

Fashion is something that has always been around me throughout my life. The moment I knew that i wanted to do fashion, was when I got my first sewing machine and my family had a subscription of fashion magazines coming to the house.

I am going into this experience open-minded and ready to accept all the challenges and feedback that comes my way. I use fashion as a way to express myself. This is the beginning of my future and I would like to broaden my experience and techniques.

At this current moment, I’m a wreck. Just kidding. But, I’m not too sure what I’m doing or the direction I’m headed! But I will have it together soon.

In the future, I would love to be a design my own jewelry collection, become a fashion stylist, and travel the world.


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